Industry 4.0

The goals of Industry 4.0 remain the same as in lean management. It is also about eliminating waste and increasing productivity. Therefore, lean management is also the basis for successful digitalization of production. Industry 4.0 is thus the synergy between people, technology and organization (holistic approach 4.0).


  • Building expertise in digitalization (know-how)
  • Getting people get used to the new roles in the production process
  • Building a basic understanding of troubleshooting across all business units
  • Designing and distributing of new work content (e.g. data analyst, knowledge manager, ...,)
  • Coordinating the roles in the change process
  • Documenting employees' knowledge and experience
  • Establishing an appropriate error culture which enables quick learning from mistakes

Industrial APps

Example Industrial App 

Cut-out 7 quality tools

Our specialties of the Industrial Apps are:

  • Industrial App - Fault ticker
  • Industrial App   ndustrial App - 7 quality tools
  • Industrial App - Shopfloor Management

We record individual measures and measure their success with small standardized applications. Each application is simple and intuitive to use. Either the entry is made manually or the data is retrieved automatically.


We would be pleased to give you further insights into our Industrial Apps.

Argumented reality

We support companies and organizations in coping with the demands of digitization.


We use the latest findings from Industry 4.0 and implement them in existing IT infrastructures.

Fields of application

  • Assembly
  • Health care / Medical care
  • Logistics
  •  Maintenance
  • External service

Use Cases

  • Picking in logistics
  • Assembly instructions
  • Quality controls
  • Maintenance and inspection