Lean Management - STRATEGIC LEVEL

  • Implementation of national and international consulting projects on operational and strategic issues
  • Conception and implementation of holistic optimization approaches across the entire value chain
  • Systematic analysis of work processes with regard to order, structure and transparency
  • Design and implementation of lean processes across the entire value chain
  • Unification by means of suitable standards for lean management
  • Development and further development of KPI systems for corporate management
  • Support of the management in the overall conception and implementation of the corporate strategy with consideration of the digital roadmap.



We establish and accompany lean management at your locations worldwide and build or expand your individual production system with clear structures and standards together with you. We support you in the introduction or establishment of the following lean elements:


5S, Shop Floor Management, value stream analysis, problem solving, PDCA, TPM, ... .

We also offer additional tools from the lean spectrum as required.


We support your production system at your locations for sustainable added value.


  • Identification and elimination of problems in the operational process
  • Value stream analysis and optimization
  • Establishment of standards and structures to stabilize processes
  • Problem solutions on the production line
  • Process planning / redesign
  • Establishment of the FMEA method